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Bluedart Courier Tracking India: It is a common fact that online service is preferred by many people’s today because it is the fastest way of getting your desired things in your hand on due time. Moreover, you don’t need to put much effort; you just need to order anything from your mobile and the shipment service will do the rest for you. Blue Dart is most appreciated courier service and appreciated by many of its users today. It is delivering its service all over the world through its different official centers located in different parts of the world.

Blue Dart offers the best service to its users, and that is why it charges you a little more compared to other services like professionals, DTDC, etc. Blue Dart services give you free tracking service through which you will know the current status of your orders and delivery status as well. So, you can easy track your orders in your mobile which is very handy.

Blue Dart Tracking – Bluedart Courier Tracking India | Track Online Status!


Know more about Blue Dart?

There are many things which you might not yet know about Blue Dart Couriers. The Blue Dart is the best International Courier service, and it is the most one of the best companies in South Asia. The Blue Dart service centers are widely spread all over the South Asian countries and serving millions of people with its diligent service.


The Blue Dart operates a dedicated airfreight network which is commonly known as Blue Dart Aviation. Moreover, the Blue Dart is serving multi-platform like ShipDart, ShopDart, TrackDart, MobileDart and much more.  Presently, it is dedicating its service across 34,000 locations around the globe. It is associated with DHL, and their workplaces are widely spread over 220 countries today.

What service does Blue Dart offer apart from Courier?

The company is efficiently working in multiplatform to meet the needs of the people worldwide. So, apart from courier service Blue Dart plays an important role in Space Control and Reservation also.

The Blue Dart Aviation support Blue Dart in delivering the parcels from abroad through night freighter flight operations which get delivered by morning.

 Different official centers of Blue Dart in India:-

There are different official centers of Blue Dart in different metro cities in India. So, in case you face any problem in delivery or if you face any inconvenience you can call to any of these centers, or else you can contact in the following Blue Dart Couriers Toll-Free Number also: – 1860 – 233 – 1234


Address- Blue Dart Express LTD-4th Floor- Elegance Tower-Non-Hierarchical Commercial Centre-Plot no-8-Jasola District Centre- New Delhi.


Telephone- 1860 233 1234

Fax No-011-40575281


Address: Blue Dart Express LTD- Kanak Building- 3rd Floor- Jawaharlal Nehru Road- Kolkata.

Phone Number- 1860 233 1234

Fax No-033-22881894



Address – Blue Dart Express LTD- Ground Floor- Connection Point-Airport Exit Road- Bangalore.

Phone Number- 2502 1234

Fax No- 080-25229856



Disadvantages of Blue Dart Courier Service:


BlueDart has some disadvantages also, and there are lots of complaints from the users regarding dispatch, delivery and many inconveniences occurred by the company itself. Now, let us see some of the problems of BlueDart service that make suffer to many customers:

  • Blue Darts e-mails service doesn’t work conveniently which is creating problems for many customers. When customers send e-mails to any certain official e-mail address, they don’t get any reply back from the company which it a sort of confusion that manipulates the mind of the customers.
  • The delivery of Blue Dart Couriers also quite inconvenient and takes quite a lot time. Sometimes, what happen is that there is no delivery report from the service center unless you track, so you might miss the date of getting delivered. Moreover, there is no specific place for delivery; the deliverer will call you to a certain place, and you need to simply search for that location. So, this is some kind of amusing which Blue Dart is causing through its irregular delivery service.
  • Sometimes, what happen is that despite of giving a proper address the parcel doesn’t get delivered on time, and when you try to confirm, they might tell you that the location you have mention is not correct or don’t match with the existing service centers. So, this way you are being delayed for the next few days or a week which is irritating for the customers sometimes.
  • One of the common problems that most of the customers faced is that the given phone numbers don’t work and when you try calling to that number it doesn’t reach, or it will tell you something like busy. Hence, this creates much confusion in the mind of the customers, since it is not providing proper service to its users.
  • The toll-free number which they give doesn’t function properly and in case your parcel is delayed it hard to contact them because of this uncertainty. So, Blue Dart has to get done with all those little things, after all, it is creating a bad reputation of the company.
  • There is one more thing which is creating a problem for the customer and, i.e., though, the parcel gets the shipment on due time, but you are getting it delivered lately. So, whatever might be the reason behind but the company is regarded responsible for the inconvenience. So, Blue Dart has to be more specific in its delivery service.
  • Another problem is that the tracking number gets returned through e-mail and you fail to get the couriers despite giving all the necessary information for the shipment address. So, this is really disturbing and annoying that the customers have to go through.
  • The delivery service needs to get improved, and the deliverer has to search the customer’s specific location properly and hand over the parcel to the customers. In spite of any problem, they should call the customers mobile and clarify the confusions.

How will you know the ordered placement in Blue Dart is delivered?

You will get the relevant information of your delivery service on your e-mail or through SMS. The date of pickup of your courier will be displayed in your mobile as from where it is send and the delivered place along with time. So, you can easily collect your courier on time without any inconvenience. It is seen in certain courier service that the delivery service is being delayed by few days and sometimes weeks but with Blue Dart, nothing happens of such sort. The Blue Dart courier service functions quite smoothly with less inconvenience.

How to Track in Blue Dart?

To go with Blue Dart tracking is quite easy and you need don’t need to do so many formalities. As Blue Dart is famous worldwide for its courier services and many other services as well, it is necessary for you to know how does it function. You can track to know your orders, shipments and delivery dates and times. Moreover, tracking will make you let you know the relevant status of your parcel dates. So, know about more as for how you can track and connect with the Blue Dart servers through SMS and e-mails as well. So, keep watch to the following to know about tracking further.

How to know your Tracking Status in Blue Dart?


To verify your tracking status in Blue Dart, you can enter the Reference Number or WayBill of your Blue Dart courier and click the Track courier button. So, this way you can easily track the time and date of delivery. There is another way to track Blue Dart and, i.e., enter its official Website (, here you will get a TrackDart box where you have to enter your reference number. You will find the TrackDart box on the left corner of its official page, so just do as said to know your tracking status. To get tracked online it takes 24 hours, and it will send you tracking code beforehand so that you can easily get to it. You can track the shipments for 45 days after getting a dispatch from the center.

You can also Track Blue Dart through e-mail and SMS


You can easily know your Blue Dart Tracking by simply typing your reference number in the body of the mail and send it to In case you are to track multiple couriers, you can enter the reference number of all those by just putting a comma between each reference number. You can also choose SMS service which will not cost your data and for doing so you can follow the following format:

Type T <space> Reference Number to 56767 (this is to know for knowing the status of the order)

Type I <space> Reference Number to 56767 (this is to know the delivery status of your courier)

Thus, Blue Dart gives you best courier service compares to other services. Blue Dart also has certain disadvantages which are undeniable and confusing but overall it is serving in over 220 countries worldwide especially in South Asia. In India, it has many official centers like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Bangalore which help customers in delivering their parcels on time. You can also contact the Blue Dart Courier centers of specific locations in the toll-free number provided. So, choose Blue Dart for your Courier Service in order to experience its service.

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